Aptitude Test is to measure the ability and skill of a person in various areas like Maths, reasoning , logical ability or career aptitude etc. Currently we have Career Aptitude Test to test your competency for DOEACC Computer courses. Soon we will adding more Aptitude tests to check your various skills.

  • Objective of Career Aptitude Test

    The key objective of Our Career Aptitude Test is to help you to make your career in Computers and provide you the best options to start with DOEACC 'O' / 'A 'level that your aptitudes are best matched to and you are eligible for. Please check your eligibility at home page of this site. The answers provided via the career aptitude test, enable us and in turn, you, to determine and match skills and interests with a particular career in Computers i.e. IT Industry. If you are interested in exploring your career in some other field, still it is highly advisable to complete at least 'O' level training as it will enhance your base/foundation in computers which will be helpful in your career throughout the life.